Trim Carpentry Labor

finish carpenter cutting trim with a miter saw

We take great pride in our crews of experienced craftsmen in finish carpentry and cabinetry installation. Utilizing our own workshop allows us to offer our services for many specialty products. Safety is our #1 priority, all employees participate in ongoing safety training! Our goal, with our Industry leading program, is to get our employees home accident free every night.

  • Over 25 crews of industry leading craftsman to meet your labor needs.

  • CCC Project Managers are formally trained in all safety programs and regulations, all state and local building codes, site supervision and efficient material application.

  • Our TrimIT® process, combines the builders plans, specs, scope of work and quality standards into a Detail Manual for each project or product type.

  • Project Managers perform a job start review for each interior millwork and cabinet installation. This process insures that the scope/spec are understood and quality standards are clearly identified.

  • Jobsite quality checks are performed upon completion to provide first pass yield at inspection.

  • The trim specialty shop has the expertise and equipment necessary to produce intricate assemblies like curved stair systems in a controlled environment.

  • CarpentryTime®, our proprietary web based scheduling software, gives the customer and CCC the capability to monitor the cost and pace of each project.